After seeing a few people’s bucket lists online, I realized that there are a lot of different things that I was to do before I kick the proverbial bucket. And if I don’t write them down somewhere, I will definitely forget.

Yeah, I’ve already done some of these things, but I that just means I can cross them off the list right away. And this by no means is a complete list. I’ll be adding to it as I remember.

But, “Rae’s Bucket List” is just so boring and ordinary. Looking through an online thesaurus (because I am not creative), I saw that another way to describe death is to “go off the hook”.

So, this is:


—Visit Australia.

  • Completed in August 2003! Thanks Wowie! Best graduation present. Ever.

—Ride the Gitchi-Gami State Trail (after I get a new bike).

—Surprise Steve with anything, since I can not keep a secret to save my life.

—Visit Ireland.

—Pay off my student loans.

—Go on a game show, preferably one I’m good at.

  • Completed in December 2010! I’m famous, didn’t you know? Someday I’ll write about it.

—Visit Mackinaw Island.

—Learn to cook. And cook well.

—Go to a Detroit Lions game in Detroit. On Thanksgiving Day.


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