Monthly Archives: November 2011




There are many things I am thankful for:
— Game shows.
— Bacon.
— The Beast’s ability to keep me warm by sitting on my head.
— The Detroit Lions being better than the Minnesota Vikings this year.
— Not having to have surgery this year, unlike some people I know.
— Family, friends, faith, blah blah blah. You know, the usual stuff.


Me encanta margaritas. Mucho.


I’ve been on a hiatus lately in the land of margaritas, fajitas, and beaches.

I’ll start writing about the trip as soon as I get a grip on the snow that’s flying right outside our window.

Yesterday: 89 degrees. Sunny.

Today: 25 degrees. Snow.

But keep any eye out for those future posts about the trip, because:

Rae + tequila = disaster waiting to happen.

Which would explain all of the mystery bruises I obtained on a daily basis.

It’s a rough life I live.