She will not be caged like some sort of wild animal!


Since we are in need of a new vehicle, we test-drove a SUV this weekend. One of the perks of this SUV is that The Beast’s kennel fits in the back.

She was not a fan.



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  1. When I was young, our house cat had to go to the vet. The theory was we would just hold it carefully for the short trip. No cage required. The theory went south when the engine was started. It was the first time the cat was in a car and it escaped our clutches and literally ran in circles along the upper part of the car. I never saw anything like it and hope I never do again. The car was never the same. The cat was…eventually.

  2. I’m hoping that she’ll get used to it eventually since we take 12-hour road-trips over to Michigan, but it’s not looking too promising. And for Feta, she doesn’t start freaking out until we turn out of the subdivision. Then all hell breaks loose. 🙂

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