Because we have a husky, we often find ourselves going on walks around the neighborhood. Rarely works, but it gives us a chance to critique our neighbors’ yards/decks/garbage in their yard/yard sale selections/children.

We were walking along this “new” found path (which I sure is the home to many-a snake) and discovered this whole other neighborhood that we never knew was there.

Most of the houses were duplexes, but this one house had really neat flower pots out in front.

So, we decided to steal their idea. Best of all, most of our neighbors have never been back there and probably have not seen these cool pots before. They’ll think we came up with it all on our own.


I’m not creative.

After an exciting trip to Menards (that has escalators for carts…whole nother story…), we were home with a stick, some pots, dirt, and marigolds.

Twenty minutes later…


Craft completed!

Feta even helped a little bit by cleaning up the spilled dirt on the sidewalk. With her tongue.


1. Stick the stick into the ground where you want the pots. Make sure that the stick will fit through the holes in the bottom of the pots before you leave the store.

2. Place bottom pot through stick and onto ground.

3. Have The Husband fill with dirt because we had to buy the biggest bag of dirt possible and I’m far too weak to lift it.

4. Take second biggest pot and place on top of bottom pot, making sure to stick the stick through it.

5. Repeat Step 4 with however many pots there are. Or before your patience runs out.

6. Fill remaining pots with dirt.

7. Tell dog to stop eating flowers.

8. Tell The Husband it’s too hot outside to continue.

9. Plant flowers.

10. Listen to The Husband say something about filling up the pots too much with dirt and it’s just going to spill out everywhere because of….something….and then zone out.

11. Take picture of The Husband and dog next to pot. (Watering can optional)

Note: That mound of dirt in the flowerbed to the right is still there. It’s a reminder of how none of the plants I’ve planted there have lived. It’s a graveyard of foliage.

And don’t be fooled by the flowers back there…they are in a box and were just put there just before this picture was taken. And now, 2 days later, dead.

I’m awesome.


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